About us

Scanpix Electric Kft

We are experts of reality capture technologies. We have built competencies in the below fields:

  • lidar scanning
  • panoramic / 360 images
  • photogrammetry

Also the down stream part of the workflow like point cloud registration, 3D model creation is something we can deliver.

We provide solutions like:

  • reverse engineering tasks
  • scan-to-BIM 
  • augmented and virtual reality solutions 
  • virtual shops

As hardware and SaaS products reseller the technology needed  to conducts such solutions can be purchased through us.

We are confident that the products and services we provide can support all business to improve productivity at the dawn of the metaverse.

scanned space
scanned square meter
scanned factory building
scanning point

We believe in paradigm shift

For centuries, builders, architects and engineers followed the traditional method of recording site conditions - usually using a spirit level, tape measure, theodolite to determine horizontal and vertical planes, and to measure distances and angles. Then a long series of calculations was needed to summarize the measurement results.

Point-to-point data collection is a tedious, time-consuming process for engineers, which can result in documentation that is often incomplete or inaccurate.

Spanyol János  

CEO - Founder

Company founder, virtualization evangelist. 

With more than 10 years of industrial (FMCG) experience, he is the engine of the company's continuous development. He is a big fan of the "maker" movement and digitalization. He uses his problem-solving and relationship-building skills in the areas of product development, marketing-sales and customer service.

Balatoni Bálint

CFO - Founder

Bálint is responsible for maintaining the stability of the company. His engineering background as a landscape architect and his experience from civil aviation help our company in the fields of technology, quality and finance.