- Matterport Axis mobiltelefon tartó
- Hordozható tok
- Kül- és beltéri szkennelésekhez is használható
- 3D virtuális séták készítése saját mobileszközzel (iOS vagy Android)

33.000,00 Ft 33000.0 HUF 33.000,00 Ft

33.000,00 Ft

(41.910,00 Ft / Bruttó)

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    Our revolutionary motorized mount for smartphone makes it easier than ever to capture more spaces in less time with added precision.
    Axis pairs with the Matterport Capture app for both iOS and Android devices. And its adjustable arm ensures precision alignment for virtually any smartphone.
    The motorized mount delivers smooth scans and seamless precision at every turn.
    The adjustable dial can be manually set to scan the same point from different angles to achieve a complete, floor-to-ceiling, fully immersive digital twin.
    Easy one-touch, remote-control scanning reduces errors so that you can capture more spaces in less time.
    Axis gives you the ability to capture spaces like a pro—no experience required. It’s the affordable way to add multiple users anywhere in the world.